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Delivering technical excellence, innovation and quality to maximise commercial, sustainability and growth related project outcomes



A design-led approach to sustainable development that maximises the integration of infrastructure and the urban realm



Creating strong client and stakeholder relationships to manage project risks and to improve technical outcomes


Tyréns is a design led sustainable infrastructure, urban design and transport planning practice operating across Europe and internationally from our offices in London and Sweden.

We specialise in the delivery of high quality solutions that promote sustainable development, economic regeneration, urban realm enhancement and transport connectivity. We live sustainability and work in partnership with our clients and stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes.

Founded in 1942, Tyréns has more than 1,500 employees and a London-based partner, AKT II and subsidiaries HaCaFrø in Denmark and Tari in Estonia.


Landscape and Urban Realm

  • Landscape architecture
  • Green infrastructure
  • Urban realm enhancement
  • Bioclimatic modelling
  • Place making
  • Consultation
  • Masterplanning
  • Open space and park design

Transport planning

  • Multi-modal transport strategies
  • Transport assessments
  • Parking studies
  • Travel plans
  • Traffic modelling
  • Access and movement
  • Pedestrian and cycle studies
  • Operational management

Development infrastructure

  • Design and construction management
  • Contract and risk management
  • Enabling works design
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Civil engineering
  • Surface water management
  • Sustainable drainage design
  • Flood risk management


Transport masterplanning

Västerås travel centre

Client: City of Västerås
Project value: £ 30 million
Completion: 2020

Tyréns and the Danish architectural firm BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group and Kragh & Berglund, have prepared the designs for a new 12,000 square metre travel hub that will integrate trains, buses, taxis and bicycles.  The project is part of an ambitious longterm urban renewal plan to regenerate for the centre of the city.

New Slussen Masterplan

Client: City of Stockholm
Architect: Foster + Partners, Berg Arkitektkontor
Project value: £ 800 million

Designed by Foster + Partners in collaboration with Berg Arkitektkontor for the City of Stockholm, the New Slussen masterplan replaces a deteriorated cloverleaf junction with a modern integrated transport interchange. Connecting the Gamla Stan and Södermalm districts of Stockholm, the new design improves the balance between road vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, whilst enhancing the public realm and access to the waterfront.

Ashford ZED

Client: Kent UK
Project value: undisclosed

Development proposals were prepared for 1000 residential units plus commercial and education uses on a highly contaminated, constrained town centre site. Working with Sidell Gibson architects, the aim is to achieve a Zero Carbon development, which is one of the largest zero carbon residential developments in Europe. We prepared a sustainable transport strategy with reduced parking levels commensurate with its’ town centre location and sustainability objectives, supporting public transport and cycling. A new road link was designed through the site using bespoke design standards that promote a strong public realm, active frontages and pedestrian circulation, whilst allowing efficient vehicle movement. Key staff acted as Expert Witness to support development proposals at Public Inquiry and Examination in Public; these were subsequently approved by the Planning Inspector.

Landscape and urban realm design

Nottingham Eastside

Client: Eastside City/Laing O’Rourke
Architect: Hopkins Architects/Heatherwick Studio
Project value: £ 900 million

This mixed‐use scheme is based around the early establishment of the landscape on the 28‐hectare site, in the centre of Nottingham, as part of a wider infrastructure package. Working closely with Heatherwick Studio, we have provided a ‘green’ structure that creates a sense of place in a dynamic and contemporary way

Butterfield Innovation Centre

Client: Luton Borough Council / EEDA
Architect: Hopkins Architects
Project value: £ 11.2 million

Our concept for the Butterfield Innovation Centre stressed the importance of the building’s landscape setting and the need for the landscape to be part of a site‐wide sustainable solution. This included all rainfall having to be dealt with on‐site within the landscape and not discharged to the local sewer system.

Alder Hey Research and Education Building

Client: Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Architect: Hopkins Architects
Project value: £ 3.9 million

Landscape design for a new research facility, the “jewel in the crown” of the new Alder Hey campus landscape. The design extends the landscape both through and onto the various levels of the building, providing both physical and visual links to the wider parkland setting.

Sustainable infrastructure

Hammarby Sjöstad

Client: City of Stockholm
Architect: various
Completion: 2017

Our involvement at Hammarby Sjöstad stretches back to the 1990s when the City of Stockholm saw an opportunity to develop and expand the inner city by transforming an old, heavily polluted industrial and harbour area. They approached us for specialist technical advice on remediating the land to an appropriate standard for housing and public open space.

The Great Fen

Client: The Wildlife Trust
Project Value: £ 7.2 million
Completion: 2016

The Great Fen is a 50‐year project to create a 3,700 hectares of wetland area.  It is one of the largest restoration projects of its type in Europe transforming the landscape of the fens between Peterborough and Huntingdon for the benefit both of wildlife and of people.  Tyréns is responsible for the landscape architecture, transport planning, highway engineering and infrastructure design associated with the Great Fen Visitors Centre and Decoy Bungalow.

The Crick

Client: UKCMRI
Architect: Foster + Partners
Project value: £ 600 million
Completion: 2014

The Francis Crick Institute is a state of the art bio medical research laboratory to help develop new methods of diagnosing, preventing and treating a range of illnesses.  Working closely across the multi‐interface design team at all stages providing 2D construction drawing, 3D coordination modelling and 3D parametric design inputs for sustainable risk based basement, groundwater and drainage design solutions.

Enabling development

King’s Cross Central

Client: BAM Nuttall (on behalf of Argent)
Project value: £ 20 million
Completion: 2012

At King’s Cross, our civil engineering team undertook the design and sequencing of the staged enabling works, including extensive remediation of land contaminated by former gasworks, which delivered a ‘blank canvas’ for the future development of Zone B.

The West Link

Client: Swedish Transport Administration
Project value: £ 1.5 billion
Completion: 2015

The West Link project is one of Sweden’s largest and most complex rail projects.  The West Link will increase capacity, reduce journey times, improve connectivity and will facilitate regeneration across one of Sweden’s largest cities.  The COWI/Tyréns JV has been responsible for the planning and design stages of the new Central Station.  We have produced all design and documentation required to get regulatory approvals prior to the commencement of construction.  

Royal Albert Dock

Client: ABP
Project value: £1bn (GDV)
Completion: 2017

The creation of a new Anglo-Chinese commercial and business hub on a 40 acre site at the heart of the Royal Albert Docks in East London, has provided our civil engineering team with the task of integrating land remediation, earthworks cut and fill, flood mitigation and surface water drainage strategies across a development consisting of 450,000m2 of business, commercial and residential development.

Environmental planning tools

Bioclimatic design toolkit

Client: Sven Tyrén Trust
Project Value: £ 100,000

The quality of life of people living in cities can be improved if the factors that affect the urban microclimate are understood and the form of the built environment responds to them in an appropriate way. The bioclimatic design toolkit is a suite of environmental simulation tools that can be employed at the early concept design stage of a master plan to determine the microclimate characteristics in outdoor urban spaces opening up new possibilities for the design of urban spaces that enhance thermal comfort and encourage people to conduct more activity outdoors.

City Wide Solar Mapping

Client: Various
Project value: £ 1 million

Our GIS based toolkit assesses the potential annual solar energy availability within cities or neighbourhoods. The incoming solar energy levels (insolation) are estimated for each building rooftop and provide building owners with information on potential investment returns. The tool was originally developed in partnership with the University of Gothenburg. Eleven cities, towns and utility companies currently use the mapping tool.

CERO Carbon Reduced Travel

Client: Various
Project value: £ 100,000

CERO is a carbon reduction tool that assists with the development of target orientated Actions Plans that lead to reduce commuter and business travel costs and C02 emissions. Working with three major companies over a 12 month period, we reduced employee travel related C02 emissions by up to 24%.


Tyréns links investment, cities and people to promote the progressive and sustainable development of urban land. We do this by aligning technology, engineering, and landscape architecture to exploit the synergy between buildings, infrastructure and public realm for the well‐being and prosperity of people.

It is our belief that a greater understanding of the inter-dependencies between climate, ecology, buildings and public space is needed if we are to successfully plan and implement the infrastructure required for large scale urban communities.


Our core team is based in our London design hub.

Scot Parkhurst

Scot Parkhurst is a chartered civil engineer with 30 years of UK and international experience in major transport, property and utility projects.

David Hampton

David Hampton is a transport planner with 20 years’ experience in public and private practice with a broad range of skills in transport policy, development planning, masterplanning, demand management and traffic engineering.


As a team, we offer a world class sustainable infrastructure and urban design service founded upon:

  • A reputation for creative strategic thinking and innovative engineering solutions
  • Our ability to develop and scale solutions for smart urban growth
  • A focus on people centred strategies associated with the transformative power of infrastructure investment, climate appropriate urbanism and growth
  • A firm grasp of the engineering issues that affect practical delivery, and their cost implications
  • Close links with academic institutions and research bodies, encouraging the cross fertilisation of ideas from academia into professional practice
  • A considered evidence based approach to the unique circumstances of each project
  • A coherent approach at all scales: regional, city, neighbourhood, campus



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