River Don Masterplan

British Land owns Meadowhall, a shopping centre surrounded by a large area of former industrial land, a prominent Sheffield landmark that acts as a gateway to the city. Plans are being moved forward, as part of the Sheffield Economic masterplan, to regenerate this important 62-acre site on the lower valley of the River Don.

The vision is for a vibrant, mixed-use community of up to 1.2 million sq ft of offices and between 750 and 1 300 new homes, as well as retail, leisure and community facilities, all developed according to strong principles of sustainability to create a new heart for this neglected area of Sheffield, establishing a much-needed greener environment where people can live and work. We were brought in to this significant project to work on the masterplanning for the entire development, establishing sustainable structural and civil engineering design principles for the regeneration development area.

This large, sprawling site is not without its problems. Meadowhall was one of the vast tracts of Sheffield that suffered flooding in 2007. Over the years some parts of the industrial use land have been contaminated through previous use by the steel industry. These issues have all had to be considered carefully by the team as part of the masterplan. Looking ahead, our strategic involvement will move into delivering specific design solutions, including a contamination remediation plan and an integrated drainage and long-term flood protection solution for the brownfield site that will conserve and enhance existing ecology.


Client: British Land
Architect: Hopkins Architects
Project Value: £350 million