County Cavan Revitalisation Plans

Tyréns UK with Gaffney & Cullivan Architects have been appointed for the regeneration of County Cavan, Ireland. Gaffney and Cullivan Architects are acting Lead Architect and Project Manager for the project while Tyréns UK are providing the multidisciplinary services across masterplanning, urban design, landscape architecture and transport planning.

In order to deliver these key aspects in a sustainable way and promote economic revitalisation, identifying funding sources and actions has been crucial to realising the proposed strategies.

Challenges facing County Cavan, include:

  • Out-of-town retail development leading to dereliction of established town centres,
  • The serious threat posed from the polarising effect of the larger city economies,
  • In Southeast Cavan, significant rise in population of people not traditionally from the area resulting in significant commuter numbers in Virginia and Ballyjamesduff etc,
  • West Cavan, notably Dowra and Swanlinbar, suffering from population decline,
  • Uncertainty that has followed Britain's decision to leave the European Union. 

Identifying these challanges has been critical in ensuring that the design of these town and village plans recognises the diversity that exists in the County of Cavan and tailors each plan for the site specifics of each settlement, while being resilient and sustainable in years to come.

We believe it is all the more important therefore that the Local Authority demonstrates leadership and takes decisive action by placing development plans for each town and village in the public domain to give confidence to residents and investors alike.

Client: County Cavan Council
Architect: Gaffney and Cullivan Architects
Size: 1,932m²