Hedlundadungen Adventure Play

Tyréns was commissioned by the Municipality of Umeå to design and illuminate the Hedlundagungen Park.

Situated 700 metres from the centre of Umeå lies the two-hectare Hedlundadungen Park, a densely populated pine forest. The dark winter days and long summer nights meant that a unique solution was required for this playground. It was envisioned that the playground should be for both play and physical activity with a design response that illuminated the park and provided a sense of comfort and safety among the tall dense pine trees.

Integral to the success of the project was the extensive community engagement undertaken, inviting schools and nurseries to take part in the reimagining of the park. A strong sense of importance was placed on retaining the pine trees and embedding its qualities into the design. As a result, the pine cone became the centre of the design process and inspired the playground equipment, walls, lighting and the surroundings of the park. Landscape architects and lighting designers realised this vision for the park.

The result – an illuminated large adventure playground with high, physically challenging climbing structures, illuminated fountain, a new adventure trail, a running track and an outdoor gym. As well as providing places for comfort, shelter and respite. Importantly, the park provides a sense of delight for children of all ages, and at all levels - with bird houses, climbing play for small children, toddler activities, a sandbox with a wheelchair-adapted table, water pumps and gutters, themed seating areas, and carousels. Lighting designers configured a design for the park, giving it a new character - with fountain jets highlighted in ephemeral colours, warm coloured spotlights and pine cone lighting that drapes across the play areas like fairy lights. All of which, make for an enchanting park during the darker days. The ambience of the park results in a natural, safe, soothing and inviting playground, during all times of the day and year.

One important feature for the design and layout of the park was to create seasonal variations as much as possible. The lighting has a warm colour scheme that embraces the snowy Sweden winter season. The new running track can be used for cross-country, skiing during the winter, and the open space at the dry deck acts as a smaller skating rink.