Bicester Sustainability Advice

Bicester has been identified as an Eco Town, Garden Town and Healthy New Town and has ambitious targets for the growth of the town in a form that creates a vibrant place where people choose to live, work and spend leisure time in sustainable ways. Tyréns has been retained by Cherwell District Council to deliver exemplary sustainability outcomes.

Our role supports CDC deliver an exemplar sustainable development at northwest Bicester and to use this as a catalyst to bring about change within the town of Bicester to deliver a low carbon community.

Under the ecotown proposal the first phase of new development, Elmsbrook (393 dwellings, local centre and Eco business Centre), is under construction with first occupations underway. Our role will support the submission of planning applications to deliver the master plan for the remainder of the 6000 home NW development.

The services we are providing include;

// Reviewing Development Proposals and Planning Applications: advising on the implementation of the adopted local plan policies with regard to mitigating climate change, energy, sustainable construction and water resources in relation to planning applications

// NW Bicester Planning Applications: determining planning applications, clearance of conditions and implementation of the development at NW Bicester, ensuring the development meets the high standards set out in the Eco Town’s Planning Policy Statement

// Plans and Strategies: to provide sustainability advice on the emerging plans and strategies as required and ensure that they will deliver the Council’s vision of low carbon development

// Bicester Town Wide: support exemplar projects around energy, retro fitting, travel behaviour, green infrastructure, health and well being and low carbon lifestyles