Hackney Road

The Tyréns UK Landscape team was invited by AHMM architects to design the residential podium courtyard and the surrounding public spaces for a new residential block in the heart of Shoreditch.

The proposed landscape scheme aimed to transform a semi-derelict and under-utilized site into a vibrant mixed use development where all residents, employees and visitors will benefit from easy access to high quality usable external space in a variety of forms.

The landscape design proposes a paving pattern as the generator of special/ key areas. In some instances, like in areas of circulation and corridors, the pattern becomes denser and uses hardscape materials, whereas in others it becomes wider and incorporates elements of green and bespoke street furniture – even elements of play. The 4 key materials - granite in 3 distinct tones and Dutch bricks - are placed rhythmically between the buildings, allowing for the formation of green areas, as well as gathering spaces and corridors.

The hardscape pattern allowed for rectangular pockets of green to emerge. In some instances timber surfaces were placed in between the green, forming quiet gathering areas. In order to facilitate the fluid circulation of people and emergency vehicles, the following analysis was necessary for determining and designing these green areas.


Client: Regal Homes
Architect: AHMM
Project value: Undisclosed
Completion: Planning Stage