Hammarby Sjöstad

Our involvement at Hammarby Sjöstad stretches back to the 1990s when the City of Stockholm saw an opportunity to develop and expand the inner city by transforming an old, heavily polluted, industrial and harbour area. They approached us for specialist technical advice on remediating the land to an appropriate standard for housing and public open space.

Hammarby Sjöstad was for many years Stockholm’s largest development project, and at the forefront of urban development and brownfield transformation. Over the years Tyréns staff have been involved in numerous assignments, providing specialist engineering advice on land remediation, earthworks, environment and climate change, waste handling, structural engineering, bridge engineering, landscape architecture and lighting design for streets, bus stops, parks, buildings and public artworks. We facilitated orientation and introduced contrast between areas through careful illumination of streets, pedestrian and cycle paths.

We have also been involved in the incorporation of numerous residential blocks within the Hammarby Sjöstad development area, acting as planning advisors and structural engineers to developers such as NCC, Einar Mattsson, Familjehem, Folkhem and PEAB. When it is finally completed in 2017, the area will hold about 11,000 residential units, housing some 25,000 people.

More recently we have been re-appointed by the City of Stockholm to advise the Stockholm Royal Seaport project on how to achieve the even more challenging task of delivering climate positive development, drawing upon our experience at Hammarby to take the integration of urban systems a step further.


Client: City of Stockholm
Architect: Jan Inghe-Hagström, White Architects, Nyréns Architect and Erséus
Completion: 2017