Rectory Park

Landscape masterplanning for a large-scale residential regeneration of over 450 new homes in Ealing, West London.

The landscape approach is to integrate the masterplan with the re-landscaped edge of Rectory Park, creating a seamless link and improved pedestrian access.

Three key public realm areas break up the block layout, proving natural play, seating areas and outdoor gym areas; these are extensively planted with meadows, native and oriental shrubs and trees. The landscape is further divided into character areas, where paving materials and tree and planting species give local definition.

Roads and parking courts are shared surfaces; stormwater from carriageways is controlled through planting areas and ‘rain gardens’ allowing natural percolation.

The approach also includes and extensive wayfinding strategy which helps orientation within the site, and provides local artist-led distinctiveness.


Client: Network Stadium
Architect: BPTW
Completion: 2017