CERO Carbon Management

CERO is a process tool to develop target orientated Action Plans in order to reduce travel costs and C02 emissions.

Unlike other travel related actions plans, the focus of CERO is on interventions that specifically target carbon reduction for commuter and business travel. These can often be directly translated into financial savings for business and individuals.

The toolkit has been developed through research with Stockholm University. It has been used by 38 public authorities over a 5 year period in Sweden.

The results can contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and are available in Annual Reports of our major multi-national clients.

Case Study – Multi-national IT Companies
Working with Microsoft, IBM and Oracle in Sweden over a 12 month period, we reduced travel related C02 emissions by up to 24%.

This was achieved by taking a backcasting approach that identified targets for carbon reduction, financial savings and staff acceptance. An online workshop process and action plan created a series of measures required to meet targets. An app is created for employees to track progress, compete with fellow employees and follow-up on actions.

Financial savings of up to £0.5million per 1000 employees were made in business travel costs in the first year. One organisation saved £1million in travel costs over the same period.