Colliers Wood

Tyréns Landscape and Transport teams, along with Waugh Thistleton Architects and Criterion Capital formed the team responsible for the regeneration of this south London site. Emerging proposals are for a residential scheme for approximately 130 units over 15 storeys, with supporting retail and comprehensive landscape strategy.

The development will be car-free and lever its proximity to public transport and cycling routes to maximise access. The development is adjacent to an existing 18-storey former office block, currently being converted to residential use.

We created an integrated landscape and access strategy that responded comprehensively to the specific constraints and opportunities at the site, in terms of conflicting uses and limited space. A central public piazza is surrounded by clusters of trees and planters creating a beautiful, uncluttered, hardscaped, open public space that will be used as an east west corridor and as an entrance to the main residential courtyard. Design inspiration has been taken from William Morris influences who was locally active.

The access strategy allows strong pedestrian permeability through the courtyard and around the site edges, whilst retaining the necessary space for servicing, disabled parking and access to a large cycle store for all residents. Our inputs include microclimatic assessments to consider the effects of the tall buildings on wind and overall pedestrian comfort. This has influenced the overall design strategy to ensure buildings and public realm respond to the unique climatic conditions at this site.


Client: Criterion Capital
Architect: Waugh Thistleton Architects
Completion: Ongoing