Cycle Route Lund

Improvements to the cycle route through central Lund due to the need for a more comfortable, safe and passable route for cyclists.

The investigation included the design of principles to make the route more attractive and sure. Work covered not only cyclists’ needs and desires without taking a broader approach where even the design and Places included. The design will bring somewhat more to the strip with respect to experiences, aesthetics and security.

The investigation covers the north-south zone between All Saints Church and Dairy, and the trail will forward the fast cycle route between Lund and Malmö. A fundamental part of the work was to create a common image of the current situation and the future qualities pursued. Based on these qualities conveyed a clear focus on how the route should be designed, and they are also the basis for the impact assessment. Success factors in the work was the Common inventory as was carried out at an early stage and the close cooperation between client and consultant that have marked the work.


Client: Technical management, Lund Municipality