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Masterplanning & Urban Design

At Tyréns, we specialise in the delivery of high quality solutions that promote sustainable development, economic regeneration, urban realm enhancement and transport connectivity.

Tyréns UK offers an integrated masterplanning, urban design and landscape architecture consulting service. Our focus is on creating forward looking, well calibrated, award winning cities and urban environments delivered to the highest standard of design and environmental sustainability. Our work benefits from the multi-disciplinary backup of the wider Tyréns network of consultants across transportation, environment, climate change advisory, water, energy and urban systems.

We are Smart City champions working at the forefront of the industry with partners across technology, marketing analytics and communications. We operate a fully integrated, collaborative design process and only undertake projects that match the founding principles of our business: innovation, design and sustainable development.





Our Services
// Urban design and masterplanning
// Urban & land use planning
// Urban trends analytics
// Community engagement
// Market and feasibility studies
// Sustainability frameworks
// Phasing and delivery strategy

We regularly take on the role of project manager and lead planner of large, multi-disciplinary complex schemes working with property and viability specialists and signature architects.

“Cities can grow in a climate positive way. Our flagship Royal Stockholm Seaport is one of the 16 founding projects of the Clinton Climate Positive Development Programme and the United States Green Building Council. We deployed Sweden’s first smart grid and intelligent mobility management system.”

Anna Reiter, Director

Masterplanning, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture