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Transport & Mobility

Sustainable transport, that works for people and place, is our core aim.  That aim drives our work with clients and developers, and informs our thinking on policy, urban living and planning.

The future of sustainable cities rests with our ability to connect people and places in a way that works within economic, social and environmental constraints. Tyréns has an excellent track record in transport planning, design and delivery that underpins the essential infrastructure that contributes to the social and economic benefits to wider society.

Our specialist teams use their experience in large-scale masterplanning projects and complex regeneration schemes to support economic growth. Our experience in the design and delivery of large transport interchanges creates improved connectivity to and between urban centres. Our detailed work supporting cyclists, pedestrians and mass transit solutions unlocks the potential of cities to work more effectively at the operational level. We embrace innovation in mobility solutions and are closely involved in research pilot studies in the realms of smart mobility and big data.




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// Design for Movement
// Smart Mobility and Big Data
// Cycling and Walking
// Urban Mass Transit
// Infrastructure Design
// Research and Innovation
// Modelling and Analysis
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// Technical Due Diligence
// Rail Planning
// Interchange Design

“We believe in connection. We want to create places where communities can connect, where mobility is second nature, where people have the choice to move sustainably. We are excited about the role of technology in helping to shape our connected future.”

David Hampton, Director

Transport & Infrastructure