About us


Tyréns process of working involves innovative technology, design expertise, quality assurance, relationship building and being commercially minded.

BIM & 3D Modelling
Tyréns invest in the latest technology as part of our work process and R&D initiatives. We have a track record of delivering projects using Level 2 BIM standards. We also work collaboratively across the project team using
3D modelling. We have an in house modelling tool called TyrEngine. This enables our teams to use augmented reality in real time to visualise the solutions we develop.

QA & ISO Certification
Tyréns today adheres to the principles set out by our founder Sven Tyréns 75 years ago. We deliver projects using collaboration and consultation to develop a shared vision with the right outcomes.
Our delivery is supported by a comprehensive set of project processes that meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements. Our consultancy teams follow our way of work via our on line system called TyrA.

Commercially Minded

Tyréns has been a successful business for over 75 years and is resilient to economic turbulence and shifting priorities in our markets. We help clients understand the evolving dynamics of viable urban developments, and help them create successful business models.