About us

Research & Development

Owned by a private foundation, Tyréns is committed to research and development, allocating £1.5m annually to innovation led projects in partnership with industry and universities.

Innovation & Social Responsibility

Tyréns mission is to use our expertise to help clients deliver sustainable development. Founded 40 years ago, the Sven Tyréns trust reinvests a portion of annual profits back into the business, charitable activities and research. The tools and solutions created by our R&D programme help Tyréns deliver the best urban environments and infrastructure for our clients and the communities we work with.

Our vision is to become the top integrated design consultancy in sustainable cities and regions. Our ‘Sustainable Smart City’ offer seeks to integrate our world leading research and experience within smarter and sustainable urban environments. We collaborate with industry partners, academics and innovators through a thought leadership group with a focus on research, commercialisation of emerging tools and partnerships.


The Tyréns' research & development team sponsor and participate in projects around the following topics:


  • Carbon Management & Reduction
  • City Habitats & Liveability
  • Microclimate & Climate Resilience
  • Visualisation
  • Smart Mobility & Cities
  • Building Information Systems
  • Internet of Things



We pride ourselves on not only bringing new products to market that meet clients needs, but also advance the thinking and understanding of complex topics. We have a close relationship with academics and their institutions and use this network to share knowledge and pioneer innovation. Our work has helped institutions such as the European Union, governments and industry bodies define standards and regulations for the built environment industry.

Tyréns is actively rolling out innovative technology and tools in a broad range of applications, from masterplans to individual buildings, from city wide strategy to asset management tools. We work with major partners such as IBM, Microsoft and Volvo to bring new technology from the research and pilot phase into widespread use for the benefit of wider society.